Mustafa Mahmood

Mustafa Mehmood

The author is an emergency medicine specialist, practicing in Republic of Ireland.

Who is to blame for negligence towards patients at military hospitals?

Lately, I have heard the army has become the solution to every problem in our society. The problem I am about to reveal is very close to our homes. And trust me; it’s a very serious problem and people will suffer if it’s not rectified. Army institutions have always been considered an epitome of quality, excellence, and class in Pakistan. Whether its housing blocks, shopping malls or hospitals – if being governed by armed forces, they are thought to be the best. My sister-in-law, the daughter of two retired army officers and the wife of a retired army officer, is an insulin dependent diabetic. She ...

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I live in Ireland and feel insulted that the Irish Consulate is delaying visas to Pakistanis

I am writing this in staunch protest to the lethargy that plagues the staff at the Honorary Consulate of Ireland in Pakistan. It is a serious matter, and we must find it within ourselves to sympathise with the poor sufferers. I have been working in the Republic of Ireland as a doctor for the past two years. Despite all the tenacity that my experience has granted me, I could not rid them of their ailment. Ireland is a magnificently beautiful country. From the day I arrived, I wanted to bring my parents to this piece of heaven for a trip. My plans ...

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