Ayesha Ishtiaq

Ayesha Ishtiaq

The author is a student at Headstart School, Islamabad. Her interests include reading and writing poetry. She tweets as @ayeshaishtiaq2 (twitter.com/ayeshaishtiaq2)

From every coffin raised, to a mother’s wail

The music isn’t loud enough to drown The grief, the whimpering sounds. I know not what their names are, Just that they got caught up in this bloody war, And I hope all the blood spilled, Every penny the poor souls had paid, Will be justified at the end of time.   Bodies to be seen for this unthinkable crime, They will pay the price for this heinous deed, Not fear, but of strength they planted a seed. From each bullet hole will come out a rose, And each scream will be wind that blows.   High above the empty town that didn’t lose, Just rumpled from a little misuse, They give the light to diminish any trouble, To ...

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