Nadeem Akram

Former director Human Resources, Administration and Supply Chain Management and author of PCB Human Resources & Administrative Policy Manual

An open letter to Nawaz Sharif

My dear Mian sahib, Once, when George Bush was sitting in his plush chair with lights illuminating every nook and cranny of the White House, he asked Musharraf – yes the one who dethroned you when your delusional state of mind made you believe that you were the next Khalifa of the Ummah (Muslim nation) – a question very similar to the one I have for you today. “Whose side are you on?” “Your side, Mr President,” replied Musharraf, loud and clear without giving it a second thought. I am no George Bush and unlike him, my house is in doom and gloom ...

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April 23, 2011

PCB raises: Robbed by the board

Allah be praised ! It has finally dawned upon the high and mighty at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to award much-awaited annual pay raises to their employees. But, it is the PCB after all and there is a catch. An across the board 20 per cent increase in salaries of all employees was announced. At the face it, it appears to be quite handsome and therefore Butt sahib and his courtiers must be congratulated on their act of benevolence. But, sadly every thing is not s cheery. Against policy The uniform raise defies all logic and common sense, but more importantly ...

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Another PCB goof-up: The case of the disappearing stadiums

Only a handful of people outside the Pakistan Cricket Board are aware of the fact that the Surrey County Cricket Club (SCCC) donated 180,000 pounds from proceeds of a T20 charity match played at the Oval in July 2006, for the cause of promoting cricket in earthquake-hit areas. It is rather unfortunate that the money languished in the banks and drawers of then PCB officials and did not take off until December 2007. After an extensive survey of the earthquake hit area, three sites in Pakistan and AJK were selected to build cricket grounds, namely, Ayub Medical College, Hazara University ...

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All Pakistanis are fighters? I think not!

As a nation, we have administered euthanasia to our collective conscience. There are three general categories of people that dwell in this land of pure: the elite-educated or otherwise; the educated class and the uneducated mortals. The elite have a conscience, but they never allow it to get the best of them, therefore, they can be forgiven for their beliefs. The uneducated can also be forgiven, because conscience alone cannot bring food to their tables. That leaves us with the so-called educated class, largely consisting of puritans. There is simply no excuse for their behavior. We, the educated people of this country, ...

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Need a history lesson, Babar Awan?

I am at a loss to understand law minister Babar Awan’s fixation on “takhte Lahore”, a reference to Emperor Ranjit Singh’s reign. Others have also hijacked this phrase and have started to use it indiscriminately while referring to the present Punjab government headed by Shahbaz Sharif. While others could have been excused for their obvious ignorance of Punjab’s history, the words are surprising coming from a supposedly well-read person. After all, the minister is a son of the soil, to use a cliche. An empire as a gimmick To ridicule the golden period of Punjabi history for petty score settling ...

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