Yasmin Elahi

Yasmin Elahi

The author is a home maker and a part time writer. She loves to write (both prose and poetry) on diverse subjects. She tweets @YasminElahi (twitter.com/YasminElahi) and blogs at yasminelahi.wordpress.com

How can I complain about men staring at me when I’m not wearing my dupatta?

“Hawa mein urtaa jaaye mera laal dupatta malmal ka!” This takes me back to a cherished childhood memory. My twin sister and I would use Ammi’s dupattas and sing this song, while dancing clumsily on our spacious terrace, as the dupattas flew behind us in the air. A dupatta was once considered as an integral part of our dress code, specifically in the Indo-Pak subcontinent. The long, flowing scarves covered the women’s hair and chest, and were considered as a symbol of femininity. It used to differentiate our women from those belonging to the western society. Unfortunately, over the decades, the influx ...

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