Abbas Rattani

Abbas Rattani

The author is an ethicist interested in ways Islam can expand the secular consciousness. He is the creator of #MIPSTERZ and host on the talkshow "Hot Sauce x White Sauce" He tweets as @Abbasrattani (

October 18, 2015

The importance of the Battle of Karbala and our ignorance towards it

With the Islamic month of Muharram upon us, I wanted to take the opportunity to implore Muslims (and whomever might be interested) to check out some of the events happening in their municipalities on the remembrance of the battle of Karbala. I will not talk about the battle itself, rather I would like to provide a few reasons as to why learning about this battle is vital for all Muslims. Though I cannot speak to the accuracy of the content of the lectures that are happening in your area, I still implore you all to attend these events in order to gain knowledge of ...

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