Surabhi Surendra

Surabhi Surendra

Surabhi Surendra is MBA from Bradford University, UK. She quit her job with MNC to settle down with her family in the remote islands of Andamans. She now chronicles her journey of life on her blog Womanatics ( She tweets as @womanatics.

How I found true love in an arranged marriage

Last week, we celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. Ours was an arranged marriage, and I had not even seen his picture before saying yes to him. Sounds so backwards, right? I didn’t see his picture because I didn’t care to see, as I was already besotted by him when I began to talk to him on the phone and chatting with him over emails. It was the beginning of 2009. I was on holiday with my friend in Manipur without informing my parents. I called my sister at the hour of departure and told her I was leaving for a four-day holiday in Manipur ...

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