Ozair Ali

A graduate of the Wharton School of Business who is interested in psychology and economics.

How to run the economy (for dummies)

Anyone can run the economy. Ask any lawmaker and he’ll point out exactly what is wrong with the economy, what is needed to fix it and what conspiracy has prevented a solution from being implemented. But the economy is still alive and kicking and the country has not defaulted on its sovereign debt just yet. The following is a collection of ‘winning’ arguments that have been presented by legislators. It is important to note here that even monkeys have been known to run an economy quite efficiently. I’m sure we can do better. Here’s what they said: 1. Eat less sugar – A legislator ...

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IBA vs LUMS: The ultimate business school face-off

In an age of no scarcity in rivalries, new borders are being drawn. This time students of Pakistan’s two premier business schools are trading jabs at each other, vying for the enviable title of the country’s best educational institution. Competition may not always be healthy but for the neutral observer it is always highly amusing. And so, as an unbiased observer who graced the halls of neither IBA nor LUMS, I would like to present a collection of arguments (based on impeccable logic and verified facts) presented by either side as to why one has always trumped the other. Enter ...

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Jobs: The plight of the foreign graduate

Welcome back to the land of the pure.  The one question most recent graduates from foreign universities face while being interviewed by employers and relatives alike is, “What are you doing here? Why did you decide to come back?” The graduate, given he is not the heir to a large chunk of the country’s land or industry, must have been either an idealist or under some form of compulsion to return. Of course, no sane person could have made that choice without being under duress. If the country wishes to reverse the brain drain phenomenon to some extent, now is the ...

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Investment totkas: Finance in the drawing room

In our society there exist a few enlightened ladies who are never short on offering a few nuggets of advice to those they deem unfortunate enough. They may tell one exactly what food may render one’s complexion fair, what occupation is the secret to a lifetime of happiness and what qualities one should look for in a spouse. It would seem that these omnipotent ladies have discovered the instruction manual for life. For the rest of us, that manual seems to be in Chinese. I was pleasantly surprised when, having completed a degree in finance, I received a few pearls ...

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Just a spoonful of sugar

How much of a crisis is the sugar crisis? We use sugar in our tea, coffee and dessert. I will reluctantly concede that some cannot survive without their sweetened tea and coffee but I refuse to believe that we cannot go without dessert. Sure enough, if sugar were to disappear from the face of this country tomorrow, our caffeine would be a lot blander and our desserts fewer in number. But our health will not deteriorate and our sweet tooth will not be left unsatisfied (fruits, anyone?). So what’s the outrage all about? For those who gasp at the thought ...

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