Zainab Khan

Zainab Khan.

The author is an international development professional living in the United States who loves to write about modest fashion and food at

Swim in a warm pool of oozing chocolate with this decadent lava cake

While doing my undergrad in Lahore – one of Pakistan’s most beautiful cities which is rich in cultural heritage and offers the best food you can find in the country – I remember getting into a rickshaw at night and taking a bumpy 30-minute drive to the famous Coffee Tea and Company (CTC) for their distinguished rich, moist and chocolatey lava cake with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. We always ended up ordering order two or three and would share it amongst the eight or nine of us. Although each person would only manage to get just six bites between the girly chatter and giggles, ...

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How to ‘accidentally’ make the velvetiest red velvet cupcakes

I was introduced to a red velvet cake on my 25th birthday when my friends decided to throw me a surprise birthday dinner at a beautiful restaurant called Okra in Karachi. Just as I picked up the menu to order dessert, after having a bowl of delicious shrimp risotto, my friends brought out the cake with two lit candles on it. I was secretly very happy they decided not to put in all 25 candles as I wasn’t very happy about turning 25. As I cut through the cake, and everyone seated close to our table sang to me, I could not help but ...

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