Anam Ashraf Ali

A system engineering student currently studying at NEDUET

2010: The year of Bieber, vampires and iPads

The year 2010, according to the Citizen Police Liaiason Committee (CPLC), was the most violent of all years for Pakistan since 1995. With the floods, civil unrest, too many holidays, not being satified with the government, recession and way too much chaos, 2010 was indeed hard on all Pakistanis. I was just picking out on few trends and news that were special or prevalent in the year 2010 on the international front (No not Obama’s Health Bill). Here is the list: The year of trashy dance tracks and squeaky singers! Beyond its 315 million (yes, million) views on YouTube and worldwide multi-platinum status, ...

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For those of us who can’t afford private college

As a student, I knew I had to score a high grade in my Intermediate Board exams to get into a decent university. Unfortunately, I also knew an ‘A’ grade could not guarantee admission. In the face of financial constraints and family restrictions my options were limited. There was never a question of what I wanted to be, what I liked doing or what I was good at because only one thing mattered: what my family could afford. I knew my choice was likely to be a government university. ‘We can’t afford it’ My experience taught me that government universities,  charge nearly a quarter what ...

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A fat girl in love

As long as I can remember, I have struggled with my weight. My life revolved around criticism, public humiliation, failed diet plans, forgotten workouts and exercise machines which now have turned into hangers (with my towels and clothes and bags hanging off them). It’s hard to believe my dad when he says I was born underweight. Anyway, this writing is not about me and my weight loss struggle, it’s about pretty ladies out there who are working out just to fall in love or land somewhere near it. The gym was a crazy place My weird obsession with this notion started ...

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Do you even have an opinion?

I knew a kid in college. Average looks, squinty eyes, admirably tall and a mop of unruly hair. He had an unusual gait which he blamed on Roger Fedrerer for some reason I could never understand. But it wasn’t the gait nor the unruly hair which made him unique to me. It was the fact that he agreed with everyone about everything which helped him stand out from the crowd. I know I might sound a little weird when I say this. You must be wondering what’s unique about that? But I firmly believe that he was. He agreed about anything and everything. He’s nod his ...

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