Fawzia Naqvi

Fawzia Naqvi

She has worked for Women's World Banking as a microfinance specialist, with responsibility for Pakistan and other Asian countries, and also worked with Citibank in New York.

February 20, 2015

Are Jibran Nasir and his friends game changers in today’s Pakistan?

One cold Karachi night On the night of February 1st, Jibran Nasir – Pakistan’s leading activist – and a handful of peaceful protesters sat on a road in Karachi near the Sindh chief minister’s house for more than 24 hours, demanding the arrest of terrorists responsible for the January 30th, 2015, Shikarpur attack which killed 65 Shias during Friday prayers, and demanding action against banned sectarian organisations. There were only 20 protesters, their average age 25, outnumbered it seemed by riot police with water cannon and batons at the ready. Protest in Karachi against terrorism and secterian violence. Photo: Kafila Karachi is ...

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