Fatima Attarwala

A sub-editor on the national desk of The Express Tribune

Does Forbes support dictatorship in Pakistan?

I found this year’s Forbes list of the most powerful people illuminating. Most revealing was the inclusion of General Kayani on the list. The military has always played a role in Pakistan’s politics. Be it the overt martial law regimes or the democratically chosen politicians, it is the army that has the power. We, of course, remain happy in the illusion that we have the power of choice. But the Forbes list is a rapier of piercing light that shreds the magician’s cloth of delusion, shining on the single most important fact for Pakistan – the military is and has always ...

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Graduation dilemma: This seat is taken

Among the enlightened elite of our great nation are parents who believe in educating their daughters. They spend several thousands, millions even, to ensure that their daughters have quality education from the best universities within their means. Yes, parents like these do exist, among the many who only look forward to the dubious pleasure in marrying their daughters off. Imagine, for example, one of Pakistan’s best universities. Graduation, especially with accolades, would add to any resume, attracting many good opportunities. But you are mistaken if you think I am talking about job opportunities. Somehow, somewhere, someone changed the rules of the ...

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We want villains

Why do we throw shoes at people? Why do we send jokes deprecating our democratic leaders? Why do our status messages wittingly and bitingly comment on political disasters? Because we want to sleep at night. We are good citizens, we are good people and we prove this by indulging in the aforementioned acts of patriotism. We are horrified at the corruption around us and we would never ever be tempted by wealth and power, oh no! We are too good for that. And to prove it we have modern day Mephistopheles. Vilified by the media and condemned by the general populace, we have elevated some people to the status of the ...

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