Hina Baig

A psychology student and a student ambassador at the University of West of Scotland. She is interested in humanitarian issues.

Demand justice for the Sialkot brothers – Manchester did

More than six months ago, two boys in Sialkot were mercilessly beaten to death till their blood was drained from their bodies. I needed to do something about this horrific incident. So, I decided to have a protest in Manchester. This protest was against all the things that attempt to hijack our Pakistani identity. It revealed the reality about the brutal murder and it’s follow up, and raised the issue once again in a society where voices of indignation were silent. Nayyar Khan, the organiser of the protest said: Being a Pakistani means you do not just stand and watch as someone suffers ...

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Didn’t you know everyone hated you?

While social networking sites may have made their founders billionaires, they have created trouble for many of their users. Or I should say many users have created trouble for themselves and others around them. Social networking sites have become online gangster spots for many rebellious youngsters around the globe. They have even allowed  older people to act in a childish and immature way, causing problems for their families. This week Vivek High School in India suspended 16 students for starting a thread containing vile remarks against a female teacher.  It turns out that this is not the first time someone ...

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September 25, 2010

What Dr Aafia protests mean for Muslims

The conviction of Pakistani neuroscientist Dr Aafia Siddiqui should be seen through the prism of the dark plot hatched by certain elements in the West against Islam and its adherents. How else can one explain the 86-year sentence on seven counts that Dr Aafia received? The West knows that the sentence given to Dr Aafia will cause massive disappointment in the Muslim world. There will be protests, there will be riots and much more ‘spice’ which the western media is looking for. The US has saved itself from a universal insult and the tag of hypocrisy by sentencing Dr Aafia. Had ...

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