Afsheen Omar

Afsheen Omar, is a full time textile designer. She spends her leisure time writing and sketching comics.

Working nine to five

Working nine to five, What a way to make a living. Barely getting by, It’s all taking and no giving. (Dolly Parton, 1980) Growing up in the 90s meant watching some of the most popular American sitcoms on STN. ‘Nine to five’ happened to be one of my favourite shows back then; the plot revolved around women working. And I had always been intrigued with the way they worked and managed their social lives; I used to secretly hope that one day I turn out to be as successful as one of the girls in the show, so that everyone around me could look ...

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June 9, 2010

Clothing and accessories that men hate on women

Women are known to be more conscious of their bodies, and ongoing trends, trying to keep up with the latest ones and claiming to own the ‘first of its kind’ pieces. Where women try their best to look good with the styles in vogue, men have a completely different point of view regarding fashion. Asking around, it seems a lot of men (to remain anonymous) highly dislike some of the most popular female fashion trends in the country: 1. The ‘Patiala’ Shalwaar: Inspired by the Baloch style of dressing, this shalwaar requires more than three yards of fabric to be stitched. It ...

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