Baber Khan

An automotive enthusiast working as assistant editor at Pakistan's leading automotive fraternity, with the aim to set up quality 'Motoring Journalism' and 'Automotive Industry' in Pakistan.

Brighter futures: Kids, and their dream cars

The Dream Car Art Contest is an international event organised by Toyota for children to explore their imagination and design the car of the future. It is the only competition of its type held in Pakistan where children, as well as parents, can learn and realize that cars nowadays are designed by transportation, industrial and automotive designers, rather than engineers. The children, who took part in the 5th Dream Car Art Contest, might have been young, but they were also aware of problems around them. Most entries by Pakistani children revolved around solving their country’s problems. It made me proud ...

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Qingqis: What Karachi and Paris don’t have in common

Earlier this week government officials in Paris announced plans to ban Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and diesel fueled vehicles from entering the city centre. The move reminds me of an attempt to introduce CNG buses in Karachi. This was perhaps one of the first times that Pakistan made a serious move to address the increasing threat of urban congestion. However, CNG itself is a natural resource and should be preserved otherwise the whole world will be working on NGVs (Natural Gas Vehicles) instead of EVs (Electric Vehicles). As far as environment friendly transport goes ‘qingqis’ small electric vehicles, are the ideal mode ...

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The legacy of Suzuki Mehran

When I heard Mr Ratan Tata introducing the Nano, I was surprised to hear that he cared about the people so much that he built a car just for them. But Tata was not the first person who took an oath to provide a car to people, who either use public transport, or motorcycles that will protect them from the scorching rays of sun or rain or dust or the rich-blind-drunk-drivers who want to kill you. Visitors with vision Years ago some clean shaved kind hearted Japanese men come down to Karachi – better known as the ‘city of no-lights’ located in the ‘country ...

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