Syeda Jaisha

Jaisha Syeda

A KL-YES alumna, pursuing a bi-major degree in Economics and Mathematics from Institute of Business Administration-Karachi. She tweets as @JaishaSyeda (

Religious discrimination: Plaguing the educated class

My heart wept when a house in Gujranwala was set ablaze, in July this year, just because it belonged to an Ahmadi family. At the time, I attributed this wave of extreme religious attitudes across the country to the lack of education in most of its parts. I was successful in finding solace in the thought that once educated, our society would be able to traverse such petty differences and the majority would learn to live in harmony with the minorities. On September 10, 2014, the day the society elections at IBA-Karachi took place, my utopian ideas were shattered. That day, I could see ...

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