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(Un)quotable quotes from Pakistan’s best

They’re supposed to be good orators, but our orators just can’t avoid bloopers. It’s only after they have made statements in front of the media that politicians realize what blunders they have made. Often, they end up saying something vague which can be easily distorted. The “official statement” from their party, blaming the media for misquoting their noble thoughts, quickly comes to their rescue.  Sometimes, they wash their hands of the whole affair by refusing to acknowledge ‘misquotations’ as their own. More often than not, politicians intentionally issue statements to stir controversy, which ends with promises not to continue the war ...

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An awami style dictator

In recent public appearances former president Perves Musharraf has been firing verbal bullets at political rivals and critics who have now been given an oppurtunity to lashing back as well – something they could not do while he maintained distance from the public and media. The first shot came for Dr. AQ Khan who he called “characterless,” while Nawaz Sharif was declared “brainless.” He also claimed that the NRO was actually introduced after discussions with the Chaudhry brothers but the heated words did not end there. It seems as if Musharraf has decided to go head-to-head with certain politicians and analysts who have been scoring points by bashing ...

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Dr Aafia deserved what she got

“I am not sad. I am not distressed. They are not torturing me. This is a myth and lie and its being spread among the Muslims.” These were the words of Dr Aafia Siddiqui after the long awaited verdict was served against her on September 23. She was found guilty and was convicted of multiple charges including an attempt to murder American military personnel in Afghanistan. She has been sentenced with 86 years of imprisonment after which she called for Muslims to resist using violence. The harsh punishment sparked an anticipated outrage in various sections of the public in different cities of Pakistan. Hundreds ...

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Echoes of revolution

Pakistan is experiencing the worst form of governance in its history and with this comes talks of revolution.  Even in a crisis like the deadly floods Pakistan’s  ministers have failed to focus on public service. The besieged government is unable to deal with conflicts – both man made and natural, and rumors of revolution echo through Pakistan’s political sphere. MQM chief Altaf Hussain was the first to test these waters by articulating the suspicion of Pakistanis when he accused feudal landlords of deliberately diverting waters to neighbouring villages to save their crops, live stocks and personal properties. The political reaction was a ...

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