Syeda Uzmaa Farhan

Uzmaa Farhan

She has a Associates degree in Administration of Justice from Cerritos College, California and currently an undergraduate student at California State University, Los Angeles. Her interests include reading and writing investigative stories.

Has Pakistan forgotten what Ramazan means?

The most awaited Islamic month, Ramazan, is here. Muslims around the globe observe this month in their own, unique way. In Pakistan, people are usually busy buying groceries, making regular trips to the tailors to get their Eid outfits stitched, setting up their houses, planning iftar parties and praying – all in that order. Ramazan in the United States is celebrated differently, however. Muslims try to change their timings and cut down their work shifts so that they stay fresh for taraweeh prayers and late night qayaam. As an American Muslim, it is a great test to stay patient while fasting and dealing with ...

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Chaos, panic, disorder and Dr Tahirul Qadri

Dr Tahirul Qadri plans to come back for his yearly visit on June 23, 2014. Now all of us are aware of the security given to our politicians – everyone is the president and treated like royalty with the area, surrounding their house, being cordoned off and protocol all around. Life as we know it, comes to a standstill for all those residing nearby. An utter nuisance. Dr Qadri’s case is no different. The only difference is – he isn’t even in the country yet. Earlier today, upon receiving multiple complaints from people residing around the Dr Qadri’s mansion about the barriers ...

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