Ibn e Inayat

Ibn E Inayat

A freelance writer from Pakistan, based in Australian Capital Territory, currently instructing in an Australian Defence College. He is also a hobbyist artist and occasionally writes poetry on social issues. He tweets as @Ibn_e_Inayat (twitter.com/Ibn_e_Inayat)

I am a ‘jihadi’ in Australia

He was drunk and it was apparent from the way he walked towards me. After a few steps, he put his elbow on my shoulder and stood next to me with a glass of red wine in his hand. We were both in our service dresses and I did not expect this. I held my breath instinctively because of the smell of wine as he spoke in a slur, “Hello sir, I hope you won’t mind having a chat?” This guy was a sergeant who spent a year in Afghanistan with NATO forces and was working in my office with the ...

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