Saad Khalid

An engineering student with a profound love for food, Khalid hopes to pursue writing after he graduates from NUST.

I am a bunkabab – and proud of it

Yes, I pronounce ‘Cowasjee’ as ‘Cowaaaaasjee.’ Sometimes I say  ‘angrezi’ instead of English and call the letter H – ‘ech.’ Most of the time I find it difficult to understand the meanings of words that most of  my other colleagues understand easily (eg: avid, disheveled, allure etc.) I am often unsure of when to use  ‘a,’ ‘an’ and ‘the’ in a sentence. When making antonyms I misuse the prefixes  ‘im’ and ‘un.’ I don’t understand the appropriate place to ‘lol’ and when I am allowed to ‘lmao’. Yes, I could very easily lose a spelling bee competition. Yes, I am impressed, like most of the Pakistanis ...

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