Adnan Khalid Rasool

Currently the Deputy Executive Director Center for Enterprise, Trade and Development, Adnan is also a political analyst working mainly on electoral politics and political campaign management. He tweets at @adnanrasool

MQM assassination: Is anyone safe?

Dr Imran Farooq’s assassination is an event that is going to drastically change the dynamics of politics in Pakistan. The horrendous act committed in London, is going to have grave consequences in streets of Karachi and Hyderabad while causing tension as far as  Islamabad. Out of all that will be said about this assassination, there is one thing that will come as a shock to all; party leaders are no longer safe even if they are in exile. For years political leaders have gone into exile for fear of their lives to eventually safely return to Pakistan. The MQM itself was the ...

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Mob rules: Finding a pattern from chaos

What the people of Pakistan are going through right now is unfortunate. We are faced with massive flooding across the country, terrorist attacks and growing public anger. But out of all these, the scariest by far is growing public anger. Flooding and terrorist attacks can potentially be curbed by effective planning and implementation mechanisms. Public anger on the other hand is wild, chaotic and deadly. But as they say there is a pattern even in chaos. Public anger didn’t just suddenly pop up, it has been building for a very long time now and it just reached its tipping point ...

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United we fall

There was a time when unions were hailed as the voice of the working class, they were the representative bodies of numerous workers working in all sorts of fields and were committed to looking out for their members. Across the world unions have a sway that most political lobbyists wish they had. The whole point of unions was to give the power back in the hands of the worker or at the very least allow the workers to have a say in how the organisations are run. History is filled with numerous examples of huge corporations being eventually bought ...

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