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An Economics graduate with a post-grad in International Relations who’s currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy while working as a freelance writer for a number of local publications.

Lets love Pakistan: a new resolution (VI)

Finally, after months of struggle and heaps of derision and negativity, I complete the challenge I laid out for myself last year: to compile a list of 65 things that make Pakistan so special. I don’t know if I’m taking much away from this seemingly futile exercise, but one thing is certain: in a small, feel-good way, I think it has served its purpose by rekindling that flickering flame of patriotism and respect for the one certain thing in my life that is my country, my home, my Pakistan. My dear Pakistan, may you live long and prosper. 51. The new wave ...

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Let’s love Pakistan: A new resolution (V)

Here are the next 15 reasons that compel me to love Pakistan… 36. Faisal Masjid: The national mosque of Pakistan isn’t just a landmark my generation and I grew up admiring for its majestic splendour; it’s also significant to Pakistan’s identity as the largest mosque in South Asia and the fourth largest mosque in the world. 37. The intelligentsia that were our poets: Right from Allama Iqbal to Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Ahmed Faraz and Parveen Shakir, Pakistan has been truly blessed when it comes to poets and philosophers that have literally inspired the nation in times of need. The aforementioned are just a few ...

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Let’s Love Pakistan – a New Resolution (IV)

Here I am with the fourth instalment in the “Let’s love Pakistan” series. There is so much to love about this country that I am compelled to continue this list: 27. Abdul Sattar Edhi and Bilquis Edhi: Abdul Sattar Edhi began his ambulance service in the 50s, and has since then been a busy, busy man. Today, Edhi Foundation runs the world’s largest radio-linked ambulance service all over Pakistan, and operates countless old age homes, orphanages, clinics, women’s shelters, rehabs and mental asylums. The duo has won dozens of local and international awards and honours but they’ve also been targets of some serious criticism over the ...

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Let’s love Pakistan ─ a new resolution (III)

In September last year, I took up the challenge of making a list of 65 reasons why I love Pakistan—the poor, broken country I and everyone else I know takes for granted. The idea was simple, but its execution, not so much. Which is why it’s taken me all these months to come up with the third set in the series. With 26 reasons down, I now plan to complete the list in a number of quick and regular posts by August 14, 2012—Pakistan’s 65th Birthday. So, here goes, again. 16. Thanda Pakola Inspiringly green with a distinctively refreshing taste and smell, this ...

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Outlandish Kamran Shahid

I’ll be honest; I don’t like Kamran Shahid one bit. He’s brash, uncouth and thoroughly ungentlemanly; and if I were a woman, I’d make a deal with the devil before allowing myself to be found within a 100 meter radius of the guy who conducts a “serious” journalistic talk-show with his chest hair on display like it’s still the 70s. Seriously. A man who seems to have made it his “purpose” to make women cry on cable television is not the kind of man I was brought up to respect. I’m positively tickled by the fact that of all the people ...

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Let’s love Pakistan: A new resolution (II)

In September last year, I took up the challenge of making a list of 65 reasons why I love Pakistan; the poor broken country we have begun to take for granted. The idea was simple, but its execution not so much, which is why it has taken me four months to come up with the second set of reasons. I plan to compile the list by August 14, 2012—Pakistan’s 65th Birthday.  Here’s a short excerpt from my previous blog to establish the idea behind this otherwise puerile exercise: I’m going to try to complete the list (of)  reasons – some small; some ...

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Let’s love Pakistan: A new resolution

I’ve often been accused of being a killjoy. I mean, I’m not inherently morose or anything cool like that; it’s just that I take the little anomalies of everyday life a little too seriously. This usually forces me to over think stuff, which leads me to notice again and again the not-so-proverbial glass in its half-filled ignominy, which in turn causes me to be incessantly bitter and irritable with the way things generally run in this country. Yes, living my everyday life in poor broken Pakistan certainly helps make things much, much worse! Last month however, a few days before the Independence Day, ...

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Pirs, fakirs and other freaks

Blood curdling fury. That’s the best and perhaps only way to describe my feelings when I read news stories about pirs and their never-ending shenanigans. Fury, not at the pirs, because let’s face it, they’ve proved time and again that they’re quite good at their job of scamming, but at the people who happily volunteer to be used and abused by these charlatans and then go whining about their misfortune to the authorities, seeking commiseration and justice. What a heartless snoot you must think I am, right? Brutally chalking off victims of one of the most hideous and widespread forms of ...

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Five things I hated about the Pakistan vs India match

My love-hate relationship with cricket began a few weeks before the fateful World Cup of 1999, and ever since that horrendous final match that had me and all Pakistanis pulling their hair out, I kept my distance with the sport. However, this year was different. But I confess that I caught this cricket fever again. While we lost the “historic match”, there were a few things that bugged me while I was actually watching the game (besides the result). Here are five somewhat irrelevant things that continued to irritate me as I watched the big match tonight: Cheering for the Pakistani team with ...

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January 23, 2011

Veena: Warrior princess

Veena Malik is my new hero. Really, she is. And not because she looked absolutely stunning (someone had to mention it!) on Kamran Shahid’s train-wreck of a show the other day. My newfound respect is not just due to the fact that I have become a fan of her self-confidence and cool, laid-back personality over the last couple of months, but because she is the only person in Pakistan’s ultra-holy green-tinted limelight right now who isn’t afraid to say it like it is. She’s bold, honest and pretty straightforward, which is something I can’t say for many Pakistanis out there. Sad, ...

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