Zainab Mansoor

Zainab Mansoor

The author is based in Dubai and is a contributor to multiple publications. She is a blogger, mother, food junkie and avid reader. She tweets @zzainabmansoor (

January 21, 2014

Only morally rotten men rape: 8-year-old in Bahawalpur raped and killed

Terrible news crossed my path today first thing in the morning, as I nestled with my cup of tea. I opened my laptop to read about an assault and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Bahawalpur. I am a mother of two adorable children who are my lifeline, my pride. People feel that motherhood is a roadblock to one’s own aspirations but I feel quite the contrary. To me, my children inspire me to achieve greatness. The idea of a scratch or a bruise on my children is enough to botch a good night’s sleep for me. I obviously don’t even want ...

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