Sarah Farooq

Sarah Farooq

Pursuing a degree in marketing, she is an avid book reader, food lover and a great listener. She has recently acquired a hobby of stargazing. She tweets as @SarahFVohra (

February 3, 2014

10 awkward moments we have all been through

We aren’t perfect. We cannot always make witty remarks and indulge in interesting conversations all the time. All of us make the one off faux pas – tell someone they have bad body odour or say things jokingly only to have the other person offended. Sounds familiar? This happens all the time. If it weren’t for it, then you and I would be the only two people living a monotonous life. Being social animals, we can’t possibly avoid interaction. We will do things that are embarrassing or things that will put us in awkward positions. There are guidebooks and rules for such social ...

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