Zeeshan Rizvi

A Saudi Arabia based free-lance writer. He is an engineer and academician who teaches at the University of Petroleum and Minerals at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

George ka (blood-thirsty) Pakistan

On August 25, George Fulton wrote an article, Don’t act surprised. The article is one of many on the brutal Sialkot incident. The author’s message – as the title of his piece indicates – is that  such an act is nothing surprising in a nation that is inherently “barbaric” and “degenerate.” While I respect Fulton for his love for Pakistan, and while I believe, his intentions while writing were sincerely patriotic, I want to make it clear that there is a thin line between detesting a nation’s faults and bashing a country. Fulton writes: We are, and have always been, a barbaric, ...

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