Asad Hasnain

Asad Hasnain

A CA trainee student with an interest in politics, movies and music.

Only in Bollywood…

1) Irrational nomenclature – Bollywood: Named in pursuance of the oh-so-holy Hollywood the word was coined after Indian film capital Bombay, but since the city is now called Mumbai why not call it Mulliwood? 2) Aal iz well: Bollywood propagates the idea that India is filled with unlimited wealth which is utter nonsense. If you go beyond the movie sets and the candy flossed frames you will discover just how unglamorous life in shining India is. 3) The quanitity: The industry produces bad movies without any regret and displays an eagerness to make hopeless movies repeatedly. 4) The family business: Bollywood should be known as a monarchy since it is ruled and fought over like a royal’s heir battle for the throne. There ...

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