Arieb Azhar

A Sufi musician who likes the quiet in Croatia where he lives and works on his music. He has released one album inspired by the poetry of Sarmad Sehbai, Khawaja Ghulam Farid and Baba Bulleh Shah, and is working on a second one, which is a collaborative effort with musicians from across the country.

Singing from the heart

There is a story told in traditional musical families in the sub-continent about Tan Sen, a legendary musician from the times of Akbar the great who was one of the nine jewels of the Mughal court. It is said he could cause rain clouds to appear and disappear through the exposition of his raags. The heart does not sing for gold The story goes that one day, after listening to the rapturous music of Tan Sen, Akbar asked him if there was anyone in the empire who could match his musical talents. “There is one, my Lord, who not only matches but indeed surpasses me in music,” answered Tan Sen. “Is it ...

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