Maria Khan

A PhD student at the University of the Punjab. She is studying biological sciences.

Unwind: Pakistan bashing needs to end

The events over the last few weeks are disturbing and depressing for any Pakistani. Not because the unwanted happened for the first time or that Pakistan is the only country for such happenings. The depressing aspect was that media and especially bloggers that took Pakistan bashing and self-flagellation to new unprecedented heights. I do not defend the fake-degree holders, nor do I condone of match fixing, nor the Sialkot lynching. However, I am a great believer in human individuality and complexity of the human brain. What makes us different DNA is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions used in ...

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The PhD ‘business’

Anyone even remotely related to the field will confess to the silent revolution in the landscape of higher education in the country since the establishment of the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Pakistan has a high number of scholarships for M.S and PhD candidates, much higher than countries like India, Iran, Australia or New Zealand. Unfortunately, there are loopholes. Even a cursory look at the Fellowship program will reveal the benefits the project awards to PhD advisors. These include a monthly honorarium and bonuses for synopsis, publications, thesis defense etc. This has resulted in many advisors becoming greedy enough to enroll every Tom, Dick and Harry with them for the ...

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