Qazi Saleem Ahmed Khan

A knowledge management executive and programme coordinator for Taaleem Foundation. He is an activist who is interested in sociological problems, international relations and world constitutions. He tweets @qazisaleem

The price of politics in cricket

Last evening, I was watching the highlights of the World Twenty20 final of 2009 which Pakistan miraculously won against all odds. Still mesmerized by these magical nostalgic feelings, I changed the channel and found the pundits of cricket scrutinizing the current report by PCB highlighting “The new great game” being played in the dressing room by the players. Traditionally this was nothing new in the game of cricket. We have witnessed it in many forms in the 90’s as well, among the great Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Amir Sohail and others. This time it has mutated into its most deadly ...

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Down with dynastic politics

A few days back I was watching a documentary on the royal family of Britain, when a comment ran by. “The king is dead, long live the king.” The glorious revolution brought down the pillars of hereditary kingship in Britain. The transition went quite smoothly and was finally incorporated in the “Act of Settlement” by the British Parliament. This great event had two significant points. Firstly, it abolished the age-old belief that kingship belonged to a specific family. Secondly, it propounded the golden principle of sovereignty of the parliament. Unfortunately, while we may have learned parliamentary democracy from the British, our political ...

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