Tooba Khalid

Tooba Khalid

A freshman at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) who enjoys cooking, blogging, acting and is also an artist. She works with IEARN Pakistan and tweets @ToobaK94

September 5, 2013

Have the British Council and CIE become moneymaking machines?

Recently, the British Council of Pakistan dropped an email saying that I was required to visit its office to collect my Cambridge International Examination (CIE) certificate. As the scheduled time clashed with my university hours, it was almost impossible for me to go myself. However, when my mom called the office to ask if she could come and collect it for me instead, the person answering the phone said, “No. Your daughter will have to come and collect it herself. We need her identification card. We are not dispatching the results this year.” I had no choice; I direly needed my ...

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