Dr Gul e Saman

Dr Gul E Saman

An academic who resides in Peshawar. She has recently completed her PhD in Computer Science from the University of York, UK.

Why do we have ‘ladies parks’? Can’t trust ladies with men?

Going to work in the morning becomes interesting when you start to notice things that have changed over time in the typically conservative environment of Peshawar. One such change has been the increasing use of parks and roads in the residential areas of Peshawar, for fitness purposes. It is so encouraging to see the morning joggers and walkers including bearded men, veiled females and the youth. Out of these, the most promising sight is the increasing number of females that can be seen in the early hours of morning, wrapped in big chaddars or abayas, making an effort to ...

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From Peshawar: A plea to the government

Dear Leaders of Pakistan, I hope you are well and are busy overseeing and planning solutions for the many problems faced by our nation. Since you will, undoubtedly, be caught up with reforms rather than amassing wealth, as you have just stepped into office, I thought I should tell you a little bit about your awaam. As a dutiful child is expected to inform his parents about the changes happening in his life, I want to tell you about how we are living now. We, your children, have finally installed a generator at home. Despite living in a posh area of the capital ...

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