Ghouse Mohiuddin

A geologist by education who has been a journalist for over 20 years. His articles have been featured in various English language dailies and journals since 1984. He is a strong advocate of personal freedom. Ghouse is currently working at The Express Tribune.

No room for ugly leaders in Pakistan

The other day I met someone (a prominent bureaucrat) who gave much credence to appearances. He insistently equated good looks with competence. Although he did not say his opinion was swayed by colour bias, his comparison of top Pakistani and Indian politicians makes me think there was a prejudice favouring our “tall and handsome” leaders against gnome-like ones across the border. This form of judgement, in my humble opinion, is a typical Pakistani trait. It shows that we still regard someone with clear skin and certain facial and physical traits as fit to lead a nation. Unattractive but effective Consider the founder of ...

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The crisis of Pakistani television

There is something wrong with our electronic media. It has no decency left, what with thrusting microphones in front of grieving mothers and sisters. It is also shocking to turn on the TV and hear so-called experts on foreign affairs talking on prominent Urdu channels about tearing India apart ‘along its inherent fault lines’, containing Israel by coercion or threatening it with nuclear bombs to ‘twist’ America’s arm and making it accede to our terms. (Incidentally, apart from rhetoric, these experts have no practical way to accomplish any of this.) The idea of unifying the Muslim Ummah is good, but stating that the ...

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