Nabeel Khan

Nabeel Khan.

Samaj sevik, marketeer, conversationalist. After shedding half the man he used to be, following his departure from his biscuit industry job, he now runs a fitness consultancy called Beyond Fitness (, giving a no-nonsense advice on matters pertaining to health and wellness.

Why are women overweight anyway?

I am writing this article in response to a blog I read titled ‘Why are Pakistani women obsessed with their weight?’ Let me clear this misconception. Women aren’t obsessed with their weight; they are obsessed with obsessing about their weight. If this wasn’t the case, there would actually be less overweight women in the world. Before you take out your kolhapuri chappal or stiletto to beat the hell out of me, have a look at the facts first. Data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests that women are far more likely to be obese than men. And this situation isn’t any better in Pakistan. ...

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Weight loss: How I became a big fat-loser!

If the human body is an input-output system, that is, what you put in, you shall tuck out, why is being overweight such a pervading problem in Pakistan? Countless people, myself included, yo-yo between weight loss and weight gain throughout their adolescent lives. While policymakers look to Turkey for solutions to dispose of our waste, who in the health ministry is turning to solve our growing waist problem? With the government not budging on its ‘top priorities’, the problem and its remedial measures ‘wrest’ with the individual. I have been a victim of a lack of resources and care when it comes to weight loss here at home. Luckily, ...

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