Dr Zaeem Zia

Dr Zaeem Zia

A human rights activist from Gilgit-Baltistan, and a Fulbright Scholar on Health Policy and Administration from Johns Hopkins University and University of Oklahoma. He tweets @ZaeemZia

Gilgit Baltistan: You have taken away our livelihood

Yesterday was a sad day for Pakistan. 10 foreigners, who were in Nanga Parbat to witness first hand the country’s beauty, were murdered in cold blood, allegedly to avenge a death caused by drone strikes. How these innocent travelers are related to drone strikes is beyond me.  You know what is even sadder? Reportedly, local tour guides have started to receive emails from tourists who were to visit the area in July and August. They do not wish to visit Pakistan anymore; they have requested for the cancellation of their reservations. If you thought this lone incident would bear no affect on the country, think ...

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