Saima Shivji

She is currently working as the Project Coordinator of School Outreach Tours at Citizens Archive of Pakistan. She loves reading books, hanging out with friends and listening to good music.

More than just cancer

I stared at him, not being able to comprehend what he had just said. Had I heard correctly? Was he really saying what I had just heard? Did those words really come out of his mouth? Tears started welling up in my eyes and my hands started trembling. I felt as if the whole world had just come to a halt. I looked at the person sitting next to me, equally astonished. What is this? My doctor had just told me that I had stage three cancer and that I would require surgery urgently to stop the cancer from spreading even further in my body. I just could not accept ...

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Why should I become a doctor when I can be a nurse?

Beta, nurse kyun, doctor kyun nahee? (Why do you want to be a nurse and not a doctor?) “Nursing? Woh choro, doctor banjao” (Nursing? Leave that and become a doctor) These were some of the things I had to hear when I announced to my family, relatives and friends that I wanted to become a nurse and yes not a doctor. What I received was somewhat a mixture of emotions ranging from happiness and joy to shock and disbelief. Mostly shock though. Not that I am against doctors, oh no, of course not! But I just wanted to pursue something in medicine other than an MBBS and nursing was the next ...

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