Rana Usman

A free-lance writer who also enjoys taking photographs. He is an under-graduate student of electronic engineering. He tweets @rana_usman

SuperOver thriller: Pakistan vs Australia

Roars erupted within crowds on the streets and mixed emotions of tension and excitement filled the air in my room just as the last over of yesterday’s hair-raising match began. With Razzaq picking up the ball and looking at it, the nation knew that they were in for something truly special. Pakistan had won the toss and elected to bat in this super over of the 2nd T20 against Australia. After scoring 151 for four, they handed it to Australia who managed 142 runs by the 19th over. They needed, thus, 1o runs to win in six balls. Just as Razzaq began to run-up ...

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20 reasons we asked Musharraf to go

We Pakistani’s at times are so eager to see the bright side of a coin we neglect to notice that the coin’s edges are black with grime. Similarly, Syed Abid Raza Abidi has written a post presenting 50 points for which Pakistan needs Mr Pervez Musharraf but he failed to glimpse the other side of the coin. I have 20 solid points which prove Pakistan doesn’t need Musharraf. He allowed Nato and American forces to launch attacks inside Pakistan. Can anyone on earth justify the killing of thousands of innocents? Terrorism increased during his presidency because of which all of us are still ...

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Welcome to Zombieland: 170m walking dead

I ask you to define sovereignty. Can you? Can anyone on earth define it? Slaves never learn the meaning of sovereignty. They don’t react to anything as it is their nature to serve their masters. Sovereignty it seems only rests with Europeans or Americans. Pakistanis don’t even deserve to speak this word. The only time they can is to say things like “parliament is a sovereign institution.” The story starts from a time when a dictator was in Government.  He was a good Muslim but took upon himself to attack mosques. He was indeed a good economist but he believed ...

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The man at the the puri shop

One morning, we went to a Halwa Puri shop to have breakfast along with a group of old friends. It was here that my eyes fell upon an old man sitting on a footpath nearby, completely lost in his thoughts.  I was trying to read him. He looked nervous as if he lacked something. He was quiet with his hands over his head deeply lost in thoughts. Talha, one of my friends asked that old man if he needed something, “Baba Ji Purian Khayen ge?” The old man nodded saying, “Paisay Nahi hain.” We managed to get him breakfast that morning but that incident never got ...

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The dustbin that never was

Whenever I drive through the streets of Islamabad, I see wrappers of food items littered around the streets. It seems that no one oversee’s garbage disposal in the city. Are we to blame the sweepers for throwing shopping bags on roads? One summer evening, while going for a casual stroll, I felt thirsty so I bought juice from the Karyana Store. Alas, within a few strides, all I was left with was a cubical-rectangular empty carton. My first thought was to throw it on that lush-green walking track, but something clicked. I decided to look  for a dustbin to dispose of ...

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