Filza Naveed

Currently pursuing an M.A in Cultural Studies at Queen's University. Passionate about the intersection of culture and politics. A freelance writer, poet, and coffeeholic.. She tweets @FilzaNaveed

The not-so-great ‘Great Gatsby’

I’ve always been disappointed by movies based on books that I’ve read because the director usually fails to bring the literary ingenuity to justice in the film. That’s why I made sure I didn’t read The Great Gatsby when I watched the movie, so that I could witness Baz Luhrmann’s magic on screen without constantly comparing it to the book. After all, he did a pretty decent job with Moulin Rouge and Australia! The Great Gatsby starts off with Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), a depressed insomniac, trapped in a sanatorium, going down memory lane and recounting the days of his enigmatic youth. He keeps ...

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