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Is currently working as a Business and Economics Engineer at Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited. He has an undergraduate degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California. Traveling, exploring & playing tennis are his personal passions. He tweets @alibhagat86

Sir Alex Ferguson: Unpredictable and unforgettable

For those of you who watched Sir Alex Ferguson’s farewell speech at Old Trafford, I think it would be fair to say that it was an emotional  experience. For those of you that didn’t, well, ‘Google it’ – it’s worth your time. He begins his speech by saying that he has “got no script in mind” and he is “going to ramble.” I guess what he didn’t realise was that it was this so-called rant that made his speech so poignant. He states, “The players… I wish the players every success in the future. You know how good you are, you know ...

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