Hareem Atif Khan

A teacher who lives in Islamabad. She tweets at twitter.com/overtaketrucks and blogs at moonshine-scribbler.blogspot.com/

This voter will turn up for Imran Khan

Dear Imran, I was a schoolgirl in the 80’s and I know you. I remember the excitement of the Brooke Bond ad, the value of your autograph. I remember the pages in slam books dedicated to you. I know who my boy-cousins and chacha’s were pretending to be when they swung a bat over their shoulders and sauntered onto a cricket pitch, the way a teenage Waseem Akram used to look at you. That’s right, Skipper, my generation remembers all that. I also remember the day your beaming face lifting the World Cup was banned from national TV. My nineties-born ...

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