Aroosa Khan

A Karachi based reporter at The Express Tribune who focuses on human rights and social issues.

Govt vs NGOs: Recognising good work

As most of us move on with our lives, the struggle for our country’s IDPs is far from over. With pressing issues such as which of the Muslim leagues (N or Q) are more loyal towards the incumbent government, our media has conveniently deemed the floods non-newsworthy. And the government’s attitude is no better. However, it is the non-governmental organisations (NGO) of our country that need to be lauded for their consistent efforts to reach out to the IDPs and provide them the support and counselling they require. Recently, the head of Indus Resource Centre shared how a simple statement by an ...

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Our ‘rotten’ education system

Amid the flood coverage, it was interesting to see one of the national dailies pick on the corruption in our education system. The story discussed how the chairperson of the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education bypassed certain rules and regulations to ensure that her children got high grades in their SSC examination. No amount of reporting seems to change the behaviour of those in positions of responsibility for the better, but being a product of the Pakistani education system myself I can’t help but wonder why the system is so rotten. We all know the flaws: rote learning, ...

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Morning madness with the irresponsible

I have often thought about the relevance of morning shows in our lives. Why, despite their mindless talk, are these hosts on every other channel so popular? Why have I never heard them say anything intelligent? But no matter how much their chattering gets to me and no matter how I wish PEMRA could control their script and content, I make it a point to listen to them (Nadia Khan on Geo, Sana Tariq on Hum TV and Shaista Wahidi on ARY) for just a few minutes every day – sometimes hoping to hear them say something constructive or just to see their attempts at ...

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