Marium Hosein

A teacher turned housewife who loves to cook. Marium tweets @Mariumhosein

Spring cleaning Facebook, a much needed exercise for us all

I love Facebook. It is my go-to social networking platform in terms of keeping up with birthdays, promotions, baby announcements, deaths and politics. I love looking at and sharing my friends’ and family’s happy moments, their children, the food they cook, the trips they take, their pets, their new homes, and milestones – I love all of it. Why? Because it gives me a chance to connect; it gives me the opportunity to say something nice to them (or something mean, if it’s a good friend who has just gone to Mexico on a vacation). “Hey! I see you’re doing well in life, I’m happy for ...

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Orange Chicken: If Yan can Cook, so can I!

I grew up watching this cooking show called “Yan Can Cook” and as a young kid I was always mesmerised by how easy and enjoyable the man made cooking look. How many of you still remember his knife skills? Absolutely fantastic, right? He could easily give a contestant of Master Chef a real run for their money. It’s safe to say I became addicted to learning how to cook just like Yan from very early on. I have been trying to cook my favourite Chinese dishes one by one, and the one that always turns out right every time is my Orange ...

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