Hira Nisar Khan

A sophomore at NUST business school majoring in Economics and with interests in International Relations, Politics, Philosophy.

International Day for Street Children: Make a child smile today

“So, what are you doing on the International Day for Street Children?” A simple question I asked around to get to know the opinion of people in my city. To my dismay, none of them knew about the existence of the day! When I told them about it, hardly any responded that they would be doing something nice for the improvised. A few even argued over the point of having such a day. They believed that it was a ‘lame’ concept of the modern day and found it ridiculous to attribute one day to one person. The difference of opinion and unawareness about ...

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Holi: Anjali, you are as Pakistani as I am!

Who says all Pakistanis don’t have tolerance? Who says all Pakistanis discriminate against minorities? Do you? Let’s see if this incident changes your mind. It was about 10 pm and I was sitting by the window in my dorm room on the third floor of the girl’s hostel at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) when suddenly the peaceful hum of the night air was broken by the chorus of a song, which I guessed was ‘huqah bar’, resonating in the air. Some 15 girls were seen running around, laughing, dancing and chanting away the name of another girl in ...

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