Kinza Mazhar

Kinza Mazhar

A mother of two who has worked as a language trainer and research editor in Singapore. Kinza is also a qualified ESL instructor.

When a child dies

His eyes; bright, innocent and carefree, Guileless; so perfect in their entirety, Smile; pure, sweet, untarnished, certainly, it was cherished.   Mother, father- forever doting, Precious like a diamond, As beautiful as a lily floating, In crystal clear waters.   But his life, taken away so suddenly, Cut short, ’tis such a tragedy, Why must things be so? The mother, she scarcely believes her eyes.   On the cold stone floor he lies, “No” she whispers, “he is sleeping”, My eyes fill with tears, I cannot help weeping.   “Wake up! Dear one, wake up!” She cries again and again, He does not, will never again, rise, Still she calls his name, in vain.   I cannot feel what she feels, I only taste a ...

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