Saman Sheikh

A Lahori who now lives in Chicago. She is a broadcast journalist and is currently pursuing a graduate degree at the Medill School of Journalism. She believes the role of the media is to educate and not merely inform the public. She tweets @SumSheek

Metro Bus Service: A loud, proud day for Lahore?

Every day for four weeks, I have slept to the sound of traffic in Lahore. And I wake up to it, every single day. The blaring of horns of which there are variations you could possibly never imagine or encounter, emanating from vehicles, motorbikes, rickshaws and modes of transportation unimaginable too, form a stream of noises which become firmly rooted in your subconscious, many say.  So far, not for me.  I wince, sometimes even curse when I am alone and long for these weeks to be over so I can wake up in my serene neighbourhood, back in Chicago. And for ...

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