Aroob Pirzada

A business graduate, based in Lahore. She is interested in technology, culture, human psychology, astrology and healthy cooking. She tweet at @aroob_p

Single on Valentine’s Day? Nothing wrong with it!

As soon as February 14 approaches every year, I am forced into contemplating my inadequacy to celebrate the “day of lovers” because I happen to be single. The fête kicks off weeks ahead of ‘the day’. Roadsides begin to line up with stalls of red balloons and bouquets of roses priced so shockingly high, it’s hard to believe. A plethora of cheeky commercials start bombarding every television channel, where two love birds are somehow fitted in every advertisement (ranging from washing soaps to tractors). Numerous Valentine’s Day special deals start popping up on my Facebook page, luring me into believing that a “heart-shaped ...

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