Saanwal Karamat Barlaas

A freelance writer who has diverse interests ranging from politics to culture and society. Saanwal is a brilliant A’ level student, pursuing his study via the innovative practice of home-schooling.

Diary of a candid teenager

I told the man and his mad-about-fashion-wife that this thing was irrefutably not in my control. They refused to listen. I was earnestly doing the most I could. ‘You’ve got to understand!’ The husband exclaimed again, wagging his index finger at me. I am (or think I am) good at enduring callous words thrown at me by the husband, but certainly not the weapon owned by his wife; emotional blackmail. That sucks, gravely! It is not that I become sentimental and lose myself (that is so cool); it is just because she makes me go through all of this to torment me, obviously! It is so ...

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