Khurram Zafar

Is currently a Director at Punjab Government's Plan9 business incubator and teaches entrepreneurship at Information Technology University. Previously he was CIO at Lahore Stock Exchange and prior to that, a technology entrepreneur & adviser to Fortune 500 companies. He tweets at @kayzafar

A will made of steel and an aircraft made in Pakistan

“That, my friend, is the very first airplane made in Pakistan by a private aircraft manufacturer,” proudly stated my host pointing in the direction of the aircraft hanger behind me. As I turned around with anticipation and saw an all composite two seat, three propeller aircraft, gleaming in the sunlight coming in through the hanger vents, a feeling of pride overwhelmed me. It was immediately followed by profound respect for my host entrepreneur and his long and inspiring journey from a dream to its realisation parked right in front of me in that hanger. My host was Faisal Naveed Asif, CEO ...

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Pakistan: More than just drones, blasts and terrorism

A recent article in Wired, Danger Room highlighted the resurgence of the US drone campaign in Pakistan. While it focuses on the war, a lot was left untold about the nation’s story that is as heartening as it is heartrending, and as inspiring as it is seemingly dismaying. The story needs to be told in its entirety so the world can see that Pakistan is not just a war front country; so that they can discover for themselves that despite the 46 drone strikes, 652 bomb blasts, and over 1351 terrorism related casualties in 2012, the Pakistani people still continue to persevere, ...

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