Mashal Usman

A sub-editor for the Karachi pages at The Express Tribune mashal.usman (AT)

Pretension in the making

Business dinners were once relatively private affairs organised with little fuss. Today, however, the word ‘corporate dinner’ immediately brings to mind extravagant dining halls, elaborate menus and seating arrangements, interminable guest lists and the presence of expensive entertainment as a finishing touch to the evening. Clearly, the expansion of the corporate sector, over the past century, has led to a simultaneous expansion in the extravagance with which the corporate sector receives and likes to be received. Today, when Aunty Zulaikha and Major Jamshed hold a corporate dinner, it has to be the social highlight of the season. Everyone who is anyone ...

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LettuceBee Kids: A promise fulfilled

While completing college applications, several of us mention that we are geared to ‘do something for society’. However, once we have the degree, not many of us remain true to our promise. A few weeks ago, during an alumni gathering in Islamabad, I was introduced to a support group that runs an orphanage called, ‘LettuceBee Kids’. The project was started by a bunch of Fulbright alumni and aims to provide a safe haven and a place for emotional and intellectual growth for street children. Zainab Kapadia, one of the core members of the LettuceBee team, was one of the speakers at ...

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