Muhammad Younas

A human rights activist and freelance UK based journalist.

Elections 2013: A bomb about to explode, or be delayed?

The assassination of prominent politician Bashir Bilour has sounded a serious alarm bell for the upcoming elections in Pakistan. Many theories are circulating all over the media suggesting that the present intense political turmoil, ethnic killings, bomb blasts in Balochistan, sectarian violence, target killings in Karachi and ongoing acts of terrorism will be enough cause for the powers-that-be to delay the elections. Political disagreement among the regional and national political parties are expected to tot up additional justification to delay the elections for an indefinite period of time soon after the establishment of an interim government. But what other option is there? • We can safely assume that the election process will provide ample opportunities for terrorist groups to destabilise Pakistan.  • We may very likely see more prominent ...

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