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Rahma Muhammad Mian

A writer, researcher and Bollywood lover who formerly worked at The Express Tribune. She tweets @RahmaMian (twitter.com/RahmaMian)

Chennai Express: A trainwreck of a masala film

Chennai Express is paisa vasool; shamelessly masala, no pretense otherwise. The locations are absolutely stunning, the item number is decent, the humour hits the spot more than twice in 2.5 hours. Deepika, her acting and her saris are perfect, and of course the jodi works (mostly because of her). The music is ok, not Vishal-Shehkar’s best work this year, however, the Rajnikanth tribute stands out. But for all the pluses the film gloriously fails in the sensibilities category. For a masala flick, it has two unexpected moments of intelligence. There was a good attempt at giving some depth to Rahul’s character (played by ...

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A military affair

Just three days before Muhammad Hussain walked his last steps to the gallows, The Express Tribune ran a report on the undeclared moratorium on executions in Pakistan. Since the incumbent government came into power in March 2008, it has been suspending executions without actually ever announcing a ban or its intentions of repealing the death penalty. Nonetheless, the unsaid change in policy was still appreciated by rights organisation and those on the death row and their families. We focused on the dangers of having capital punishment in a country with a weak criminal justice system and the government’s inability to change the ...

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