Qaisar Orakzai

Qaisar Orakzai

A Business Processes and Business Analysis Consultant who studied MS Data and Knowledge Engineering at the University of Magdeburg, Germany. He is originally from Orakzai Agency, FATA, Pakistan

The day I met a mother of thalassemia inflicted children

It was a usual summer day in Peshawar, back in 2004, when I left my hostel to attend a lecture which was scheduled for the afternoon. The university was at walking distance, so keeping my notebook above my head to protect myself from the sun, I made my way there. I was about to enter the university, when I noticed a woman trying desperately to convince the security guard to allow her onto the university premises, whilst repeatedly wiping sweat off her brow with the corner of her clean, stark white chaadar. She seemed like she belonged to a decent family, wrapped ...

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